James Marshall - 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0

James Marshall - 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0
English | Size: 9.00 GB
Category: Seduction: Video

The 5 Principles 2,0 is a 5 week course that won't just teach you the 5 Principles in theory, but in action as well: how to use these principles to meet and date the women you want.
I've specifically structured the content to prevent any information overload or confusion whatsoever, implementing feedback from the first course so you can easily digest the content and implement it.
I don't know if you've ever bought other products that just dump hours of content without proper structure, but this course is not one of them.
Kevin Hogan - The Millionaire Mind

Kevin Hogan - The Millionaire Mind
English | Size: 1.308 GB
Category: Everything Else

Discover counter intentions and how to change them to parallel systems of achievement. Less than 4% of people are been equipped to deal with all six of the psychological paradoxes that cause people to failin growing wealth. The reason is simple. Most of these paradoxes are "new." For the most part, they didn't exist when you were a child. They do now. The roots of some of these paradoxes lie within the evolution of how you "experience work," how you have built the beliefs about your life and your work and how deeply your programming about change has been ingrained into the depths of your mind. Now you will discover how to defeat all six paradoxes that are operating in your mind and finally move forward on your quest to accumulate wealth.
Introduction to IBM Security QRadar SIEM [Video]

Introduction to IBM Security QRadar SIEM [Video]
English | Size: 433.45 MB
Category: Tutorial

QRadar SIEM delivers the industry's only SIEM system solution that gives security professionals the visibility they need to protect their networks. QRadar's advanced SIEM technology protects IT assets from a growing landscape of advanced threats as well as meets current and emerging compliance mandates.
This session is targeted towards security professionals. Prior knowledge of SIEMs is preferable but not necessary. The attendees will learn about the features, advantages and use cases of the QRadar SIEM.
Rishi K Narang - Inside the Black Box: The Simple Truth about Quantitative High Frequency Trading

Rishi K Narang - Inside the Black Box: The Simple Truth about Quantitative High Frequency Trading
English | Size: 421.64 MB
Category: Investing / Trading / Stocks

Quantitative trading strategies known to many as black boxes have gained a reputation of being difficult to explain and even harder to understand. While there is a certain level of complexity to this approach, with the right guidance, you can successfully overcome potential obstacles and begin to excel in this arena.

That's why expert fund manager Rishi Narang has created Inside the Black Box. In a straightforward, nontechnical style supplemented by real-world examples and informative anecdotesthis reliable resource takes you on a detailed tour through the black box. It skillfully sheds light upon the work that quants do, lifting the veil of mystery around quantitative trading and allowing anyone interested in doing so to understand quants and their strategies.
Lab Minutes - Cisco ISE 2.2 Video Bundle

Lab Minutes - Cisco ISE 2.2 Video Bundle
English | Size: 3.67 GB
Category: CBTs

Video List
* SEC0267 - ISE 2.2 VMware Sizing and Installation 53:36
* SEC0268 - ISE 2.2 License Install and Smart Licensing 27:07
* SEC0269 - ISE 2.2 New Features and Intro to Web Interface 67:40
* SEC0270 - ISE 2.2 Certificate and Node Registration 40:19
* SEC0271 - ISE 2.2 Device Profiling and Probing 59:22
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